Oil & Gas


ECI has unsurpassed expertise and capabilities in all aspects of automation and information systems related to the production, transmission, and processing of oil and gas products. With leading industry and automation expertise, ECI helps clients optimize their oil and gas operations and ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources.

By providing a solution to help optimize your process, ECI utilizes PlantWeb® as a predictive intelligence that enables a clear insight to what is happening not only in the process but also in the equipment running it – and uses that insight to identify and correct potential problems before they affect your operation.

ECI understands the challenges of the oil & gas business and has been able to adapt to the demands of the growing industry. PlantWeb® can provide digital intelligence, linking all devices, controlling the process and optimizing assets, which will reduce costs of maintenance and rework. ECI can provide an unprecedented expertise for the oil & gas industry by providing a networked approach and high standards for optimizing the process.